Hi – welcome to Ivy Ladder. My name is Amy and I am a 21 year old single mama to a three (and a half!) year old Dude. I’m also an expat, worldwide traveller, photographer, DIY-woodworker, an (almost) crafty lady and a cat owner (x2). I like to do things the hard way – i.e. if there is an easy way, I will more than likely stroll straight past it and pick the dark and gloomy trail instead. But hey, what’s wrong with a little adventure, right? Right?!


Ivy Ladder 

For all woodworking and craft related posts, Ivy Ladder is the place to be. Please check out my projects and leave some feedback. I hope you enjoy my posts!


Handmade products, locally sourced and produced in a tiny little town called Norwich. Custom orders can be requested, please don’t hesitate to send me a message.

Money Makers from Home

This page will be an experimental work in progress. As I try and test methods and they are successful, they will be added to the page.


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